O&S Events 

Terms and Conditions: 


  1.  O&S Events proofs and designs are two dimensional and presented on a flat surface to be viewed by the customer at a relatively small size. The design will be sent in a black colour, in the font/design chosen by the customer. 

  2.  If the customer confirms the design, while there is a spelling error, a refund will not be given. Once approval is confirmed, the signage will be produced in the exact same order.

  3.  Sizes will be sent for conformation in the invoice. The height of signage will vary depending on the length/amount of words in the signage. Sizes and proportions are typically calculated by width, and the height size is propitiated. 

  4.   O&S Events price and font lists and other such documents are for the customer’s general guidance only and the particulars contained in such documents shall not constitute representations by O&S Events and shall not be bound thereby, nor shall they form part of the contract. 

  5.  Payment for any signage is required in full before any order is processed. If an invoice is sent prior to two weeks, and the payment is delayed and made within two weeks of a due date, the signage is not guaranteed to be completed/ready prior to the event date, unless agreed on otherwise by O&S Events and the customer.

  6.  If the customer fails to make any payment in full on the relevant due date then, without prejudice, O&S Events holds the right to cancel the invoice and suspend the order. 

  7.  Items are not delivered nor installed by O&S Events, unless agreed on otherwise by O&S Events and the customer. Signs are to be picked up from the Factory in Campbellfield. Once the sign is ready to pick up, an email will be sent to set up a suitable day and time. O&S Events must confirm if they available at the agreed upon date and time. If the customer fails to show or Is late, it is not the responsibility of O&S Events to reschedule another time. 

  8.  Our products are intended on a one-time use, and some products may not be durable for repetitive use.